Attention! The Future Is Talking to You. Are You Listening?

Sandra is the fictional account of voice-assisted devices (think Alexa), but the artificial intelligence has been replaced by real human intelligence. Or rather, a lack thereof.

The seven-part podcast gives an all-too-real glimpse into the world of tomorrow. The narrative is captivating and completely plausible. It started me thinking: What does Sandra look like? We are already familiar with the various tube and home speaker shapes of the current crop.

Why is AI technology always represented as a cold dark object?

The AI of Sandra represents new technology. She is far more intimate. I see her as a flower you would wear on your lapel or shirt. Too feminine? That is the point. Why is AI technology always represented as a cold dark object? Why can’t it come from the natural world? When I see someone wearing a flower it makes me smile. What if that helped ease people’s fear of embracing something new? Picture it: a flower that learns more about you and helps you. This seems much more friendly than the current crop of glowing black silver tubes which are always listening in and jumping at the chance to send (sell?) you more laundry detergent.

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