How To Do Nothing

Nothing is full of promise. Read a book. Paint. Stare at the ceiling and be with your thoughts. It’s downtime that you need to recover from a busy week.

Nothing is not easy. There is SO much to do in this world. SO much to see, read, and enjoy. It takes some planning to do nothing. Because once you hit the state of ahhhh, that voice chimes in about laundry needing to be done or some other kind of not-so enjoyable chore. Silence it by scheduling it. Sunday mornings seem to be my ground zero for doing nothing time. Why? It’s the end of my work week. Most chores have been done. If they haven’t? Well, it’s the most forgiving time to either delete them or shuffle them into next week.

Some suggestions on how to do nothing:

  1. Look at your week/ the next couple of days. What holes are in your schedule? Or is there even a stretch of hours that are unaccounted for? If so, this is your opportunity to do nothing. 
  2. Turn off your phone. Maybe even unplug your internet connection. 
  3. Do something analog like read a book, go for a walk, be in nature, draw a picture. 
  4. Notice how you feel afterwards. 
  5. Liking the results? If so, be sure to do it more often. 

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