Perfecting Your Morning Shower

Spa bathrooms become a state of mind with this fantastic upgrade.

I’ve tried bath bombs. Faux over-powering scents, strange colors, and glitter that won’t wash out of your bathtub for weeks. I was not a fan. So when I heard about Rudy’s Shower Bombs, I was skeptical to say the least. But for the sake of The New Maturity and the pursuit of sharing things that make me happy, I kept an open mind and ordered a few. 

What exactly is a shower bomb? Think evolved bath bomb. This one comes in a sleek foil package. Peel back the sticker on the half orb bomb to reveal a creamy white super-sized Alka Seltzer. Inhale deeply. Notes of sage, sandalwood, menthol, and a tiny hint of orange peel greet you. 

How’s it work? Glad you asked. Park it in a corner of your shower or soap holder. You want it to get a little wet, but not soaking. Go about your shower business as usual. Thirty seconds in you might notice the scent starting to kick in. At this point, you want to inhale deeply and take in the aroma. I like to pretend I’ve been transported to an outdoor shower in Zanzibar. Monday morning just got so much easier to deal with. 

Pro Tip: Leave the bomb half exposed in its foil shell. This way, it’s easy to clean up and you might get a few extra days out of it. They are good for about 5 showers. 

Bonus on your first use: when you turn the shower off listen to the carbonation going to town. This hiss is hypnotic. To me, it sounds like the low hum of evening crickets in the forest. You might hear something else. Either way, stay tuned for the show.

Comments (2):

  1. Regina Overath

    October 23, 2019 at 5:12 am

    Taking cleanliness to a new level. Have you tried just using fresh eucalyptus leaves? Maybe that could work too…

    • heathbrockwell

      October 27, 2019 at 2:24 pm

      Fantastic idea, love your thinking!


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