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Things move fast in these digital times. Here is my trick for slowing it down.

I took some time off over the holidays. One morning I set out to catch up with some folks I had lost touch with. I picked up the phone and called people. The trouble was their numbers had changed or their phones would not “recognize” my number since it wasn’t on their “safe” list. It was a bummer, but not a roadblock.

I did the next best thing and took pen to paper. These were not super long notes. Rather a simple “Hi, I’m thinking of you and wanted to let you know.” I spent about 30 minutes doing it. Got to practice my penmanship. Even had fun sorting through a box of stamps I keep handy. If you haven’t seen the Ellsworth Kelly stamps, you are in for a treat. They take any correspondence to the next level. 

Can’t think of anyone to drop a line to? You’ve got a pen pal right here! I’ve had the same address for the past 23 years, but here is a reminder: 
Heath Brockwell
5230 39th Drive
Woodside NY 11377

Stamp challenged? Don’t be. The postal service has some rad new looks including stamps based on postal murals, winter berries, and snow day. You can shop them here.

Stamp averse? I’d still love to hear from you. Leave me a comment below and tell me how you keep in touch with folks.

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